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Never forget to put the bin out again
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Like the Moto-Bin (see above), this is a motorised wheelie-bin, except not remote control, but completely autonomous. Normally it sits quietly in its parking bay at your back door, trickle-charging its internal batteries. At a programmed time on a set day of the week (usually, but with holiday corrections, which might be broadcast over a local radio data channel) it trundles itself down to the kerbside, where it awaits emptying by the binmen. Once emptied (simple mercury switch to detect that it has been inverted), it homes back in on your gateway, and returns to its parking bay. If you have electrically operated gates, it has an optional interface to open and close them as it passes through. Further advantage is that if anyone steals it, it can return home by itself.
Stingray, Jul 03 2003

3-2-1 http://www.ukgamesh...0-9/3-2-1/index.htm
Dusty bin rules [suctionpad, Oct 04 2004]


       I want one
goff, Jul 03 2003

       a la 3-2-1? [Link]
suctionpad, Jul 03 2003

       Dusty Bin was remote controlled, so, no. I'd like to see Dusty make a comeback on Robot Wars though...   

       An additional use for the Robo-Bin is if you want to go to a fancy dress party as Davros. (For this there would be a manual override mode, so you wouldn't be continually trying to escape back to your own house.)
Stingray, Jul 03 2003

       bet I'd end up with a stoopid one that goes next door.
how does it find its way home when stolen?
po, Jul 03 2003

       //how does it find its way home when stolen//   

       GPS, one would imagine
suctionpad, Jul 03 2003

       Excelent idea. +
sartep, Jul 29 2003

       There is one of these at Magic Kingdom in Florida...
Honest... i've seen it...
MikeOliver, Apr 01 2004


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