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Rubbish efficiency

For those who want rubbish efficiency.
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Wheelie bins are too small! By the time then bin men..ahem...Garbage collectors come to take your rubbish away, there are often items protruding from the lid. I suggest a compactor should be built into the lid to enable more efficient bin usage. The lid could house 4 electric motors that could slot into geared racks running down the interior of the bin (one in each corner). Just lift up lid, deposit rubbish, close lid and hit compress, thus activating the motors to slowly compress the rubbish. A redesign of the wheelie bin material may also need to be done, due to excessive interior forces. As a further note, in the absence of power for motors a manual lever for cranking the compressor can be utilized, with the correct gearing, compression should be easy.
silverstormer, Mar 07 2003


       Compression should be easy, it's lifting the lid that's the hard part.   

       A garbage truck, then?
RayfordSteele, Mar 07 2003

       Yeah but sometimes the bin is overly full before the "garbage truck" comes to collect it. Also if your "Garbage" collectors are anything like the ones round here, they won't take it unless the lid closes.
silverstormer, Mar 07 2003

       A trash compactor, then?
phoenix, Mar 07 2003

       When wheelie bins were introduced in a friend's village, the truck was destroyed in the first week because someone put a car engine in the bin.
angel, Mar 07 2003

       [phoenix] Yeah but in the convenience of a wheelie bin. Every home should have one!
silverstormer, Mar 07 2003

       Just like angel's friend's villager's car engine-propelled, wheelie bin.
FarmerJohn, Mar 07 2003


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