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Non Violent Road Rage Emotional Release Gun

Automatic repeating sticker firing (You Asshole) gun.
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(The latest & greatest from the 1/2 B's Village Idiot:)

When you know you are following all of the rules & some heavy weight construction of steel & plastic comes along & causes trepidation, Hold back. When they flip you the bird, all is ready.

Pull the sage Rage gun (mounted on the steering column) out & aim it at the offender. - We know that you won't risk an accident from doing this, but will quickly calm down after you plaster the window of the offending auto with Fark U stickers launched from your NVR2ERG.

If you happen to arrive at work plastered in such stickers & people look at you, You can say "You should have seen their car, I doubt they could see out of the windows, man."

Zimmy, Oct 15 2005

The 'Firewheel' rubber band gun http://www.dansdata.com/firewheel.htm
Try this instead. [ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 15 2005]


       How fast would you have to fire a sticker in order for it to travel in a straight line through the air and stick to a car?
wagster, Oct 15 2005

       There could be modifications made to this so that there is a movable "unfriendly sticker gatling gun" turret, mounted on the top of your car.
jellydoughnut, Oct 15 2005

       The problem here is that people would begin using this gun just for the fun of hitting other cars. I know I would (it can get pretty boring after having sat for over an hour in the traffic on the way to/from work).
Pericles, Oct 15 2005

       I think Im going to buy a FireWheel.
DesertFox, Oct 15 2005

       I think I'm going to give all the family a firewheel for christmas. Yuletide mayhem.
wagster, Oct 15 2005

       dont forget about the ever-faithful potato gun.
totallyjawesome, Oct 15 2005


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