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narrow-band targeted EMP generator for cars

Fight back against road rage!!!
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How many times have you been driving 100km/h on the expressway and then get cut-off by some maniac with no turn signals doing 140 km/h? Tired of having to avoid hotshots on "Ninja" motorcycles weaving in-and-out of traffic right in front of you?

Then fire off your own electromagnetic pulse generator! Target the offending vehicle and then "shoot" them with an EMP pulse. Low powered (covers a 200m area) and targeted (to avoid the drivers who aren't driving maniacally), you can "zap" their vehicle and fry all of the computer-controlled devices on their vehicle. Laugh as you see their "tricked-out machine" chug ungloriously to the side of the road and die!

muzer, Oct 03 2003

Car Mounted HERF http://voltagelabs....s/projects/herf001/
This was version 1 of 5, see later versions. [Laughs Last, Oct 17 2004]

Guardian: Police test hi-tech zapper that could end car chases http://www.guardian...763,1259138,00.html
Jul 12 2004: Police in US and UK are testing out just such a device, to use against fleeing suspects. [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]


       Aside from the rant factor, has it occurred to you that you've just turned off a car (or motorcycle) that was doing 140kph...right in front of you? Has it occurred to you that the driver might be wearing a pacemaker?
phoenix, Oct 03 2003

       can understand the frustration that generates this idea, but cannot support the method. I agree with [phoenix] - this idea would spell trouble for all concerned.
jonthegeologist, Oct 03 2003

       Laugh harder as you set off, in your car, the low-yield nuke you need to power this thing.
bristolz, Oct 03 2003

       Maniacal laughter, followed by the word ‘die’ and several exclamation points. I try to work that into my writing whenever possible.
pluterday, Oct 03 2003

       Yeah, yeah. The point is that it takes one heck of a lot of input power to yield the kind of output that kills shielded ignition systems at a distance.
bristolz, Oct 03 2003

       That's about enough to launch your Delorian into the future.
Worldgineer, Oct 03 2003

       hmmm, how bout a '88 dynasty?
dickity, Oct 03 2003

       it would be far easier then u think...i thought u boys were smart about this stuff...i majored in fun and i know that u can easily generate enough juice to knock out a car and use ur car battery as the power source to do it...the only person who might know is on here...but he is probably just talking nonsense himself. dumb geeks...never thought i'd find them but here they are...
dummies, Nov 07 2003

       HOW TO BUILD   

       No prob, The easyest way is: get a powerfull catbattery(25-45 A)(you can link more paralell), get an converter (transformer) for about 800-1200W, A microwave (800-1200W), and some isolated 5mm wire and a chain or other contact for earth. link the battery to the transformer, extract the magnetron and the transformer from the microwave and put it into an mettal coverd isolated boxplace the magnetron output that way so it points away from the car, CAREFULL THE MAGNETRON OUTPUT IS DANGEROUS IT CAN FRY ANYTHING IN ITS WAY COMPUTER ELECTRIC DEVICES AND !!! YOU !!!, IT IS LIKE THE MUZZLE OF A GUNN !!!.   

       as soon as you connect the transformator with the transformator of your magnetron it is active so place a switch then connect the 5mm wire with the box and with the chain, let the chaintutch the cround so it wouldnt fry your car. with an special parabol antenna you can focus and increase the range up to 200 meters. and so it frys the electronic of a car and inducts false electric spices in the electric.   

       CAREFULL : it allso frys heart machines (pace makers). Careless use can lead to serious injuries or death. (a man who drivers his pregnant wife to a hospital could allso cut you off. so think about it using EMP gunns). even since i made some Advanced EMP Gunns and cannons and they worked well. they are only to be build and used improoved users.   

       If you have questions mail to: Johannes.Wiedra@chello.at
futuretec, Feb 22 2004

       uh, okay [futuretec] thanks for that.   

       I'm a little nervous now...
kmlabs, Dec 10 2004

       Wouldn't a shotgun work just as well for your intended application, i.e. killing motorists?
dbsousa, Dec 10 2004

       Would be pritical to bury in your drive way so that when the theif comes to call you could set it off and dissable his vehicle so he couldn't drive away before the cops arrive. It would give you more time to fill it full of holes with the shot gun so that the sh--head thinks twice about coming back! Let me know when u get it perfected I'd love to be the first one in court for this one.
Snoman, Jan 21 2009

       So you want the overtaker to block the road in front of you ? May I suggest an improvemnt in also equiping all vehicles with an EMP absorber that enables them to make use of your 'energy donation' to speed up futher and hence get out of your hair as soon as possible. That should make both parties happy.
RattyBunyip, Jan 22 2009

Wait a minute here; I thought magnetrons were used in microwave ovens?
A Gunn won't produce anywhere near enough power to do any damage.
coprocephalous, Jan 22 2009


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