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Non alphabetical baking

changing the idea list on an halfbakers account page
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I know its not my place to try and change things, being a newbie and all , but...

Many times here at the halfbakery I've gotten the hankering to stop in the middle of wading through the endless sea of annotations, and just explore one persons idea list. I wonder if these ideas would not be better formatted by listing them in order of posting, rather than alphabeticaly. In this way a person could see what sort of progress, or lack thereof a particular baker has made. It could also help in narrowing down the troll list.

2 fries ideas, chronologically http://www.halfbake..._20User?op=editview
On the form that appears, change your name to the name of the user you want to see. Then click OK. [krelnik, Oct 25 2002]

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       You can do this with a filter. Click the link I added, and where you see "2 fries shy of a happy meal" on the form, change that to the name of the user you want to see. Then click OK at the bottom.   

       This will appear in your menu on the left as "1user" so you can re-use it later. Just click "1user" on the left, then click edit, and repeat the steps above.
krelnik, Oct 25 2002


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