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Poke A Delinquent Halfbaker

It's 2021... do you know where your halfbaker is?
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People come and go, it's what we do. Still, when they've been gone awhile the rest of us wonder what's up.

In this idea, folks decide to pester the absent individual with an email apiece. Nothing harsh, maybe just a friendly hey, howarya, wassup and where the freak have you been hiding all these days (months, years) making me worry and is everything okay? We miss you.

Annos will include an agreed upon day and time when everyone involved will send their email to him or her.

Make it so.

whatrock, Jun 17 2020

A way to say We Miss You... Halfbakery_20Non-Log-On_20Remonstrator
...en masse. [whatrock, Jun 17 2020]


       Like an email blast from us? That might be cool. If someone did that to me I would feel all warm and fuzzy and cared about. If that is our intention, I think it would be taken as such.
blissmiss, Jun 17 2020

       [+] but mixed feelings about this since I hate getting "We miss you" reminders from companies, stuff like "Are you still thinking about buying ice cream?" Since this is real people it might be OK though.
doctorremulac3, Jun 17 2020

       Could have incremental fines like for overdue library books
pocmloc, Jun 17 2020

       // because if someone stops posting here... //   

       One's absence can simply be noted without any requirement of action on their part. A response of Hey, thanks, been busy, been in jail, been in orbit, etc can be tendered or not, all up to the particular 'baker. I believe that people know who their friends are and might appreciate being looked in on now and then.
whatrock, Jun 17 2020

       Or is a Peek?
wjt, Jun 18 2020

       brb, emailing The Govenor.
calum, Jun 19 2020

       OK I presume from this idea someone has so who's gone missing during my latest sabbatical?
Skewed, Jun 23 2020

       It's the [8th] gone rogue, possibly just gone.   

       Consider that, like a lot of the fiercely-fed-up, his Cube may be headed toward the undisclosed location of Camp Teacup, somewhere in the wilds of Can-o-duh.   

       Update: We haven't seen him yet; he may have run (flown?) afoul of the Trumperer Border Penguins if he had to fly through the increasing mobs of UnSAins trying to breach our battlements.
Sgt Teacup, Jun 23 2020

       Apparently [calum] emailed "The Govenor", possibly The Governor, but that was 4 days ago.   

       [calum], are you looking for the Send key or are you good and/or what have you found out?
whatrock, Jun 23 2020


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