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Non motion detector

Sick and elderly mobility detector
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A motion detecting pager like device is worn by a sick or elderly person. If a certain time period passes with no motion detected by the device, or no signal from the device, it will call friends, family or emergency services.
Sunstone, Aug 21 2008

Recent NYT article on remote elderly monitoring http://www.nytimes....alth&pagewanted=all
[jutta, Aug 21 2008]

AngelCare movement sensor http://www.bebesoun...und_description.asp
It is actually a stillness sensor - the alarm activates when no motion is detected. [ed, Aug 21 2008]

no motion sensor no_20motion_20sensor
Same idea, I think. [phoenix, Aug 22 2008]


       I personally used a similar device to ensure an infant in my laboratory kept breathing throughout the night over several months. Rather than wearing the device, it is configured under the platform where the subject sleeps. Unfortunately, the device also transmits an insecure audio feed from the subject's quarters; hacks are needed to work around this.
ed, Aug 21 2008

       // I personally used a similar device to ensure an infant in my laboratory//   

       Laboratory...? Good god man what are you doing?!
EvilPickels, Aug 22 2008

       // Good god man what are you doing?! //   

       Nothing weird or abnormal, we're sure. Why, where do you keep your infants ?
8th of 7, Aug 22 2008

       I always kept my infants in the ice box where they wouldn’t spoil… now that they are older, I can't keep them out of the ice box...
CwP, Aug 22 2008

       When i first saw this, i thought it'd be something along the lines of a motion lamp that turned OFF when motion was detected.   

       Bun for this use for it though.
wolstech, Aug 25 2008


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