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Vitruvian's forgotten proportions in diptych half
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All bell curves, trig oscillations and triangles. Not the model shape, the world average female body shape.

There are two forms of Man.

The Vitruvian Man doesn't have the concept of inversion such you get with Sigmoid curve or Bell curve which would give more forms to the other half.

wjt, Oct 25 2017


       Learned the meanings of two new words before I got past the byline. As well as the pronunciation of diptych... maybe. So (+) for that alone.   

       Now... what are you on about? The geometry of the human form?   

normzone, Oct 26 2017

       There are two forms of Man.   

       And before anyone gets upset, the normal distribution in between. Currently it takes two, not shown in the original, to recurse.   

       [bigsleep] We all make mistakes, just don't be blind too them when the cannon of impressive is extensively great.
wjt, Oct 26 2017

       <sort of on-topic>   

       I've noticed distinct differences in mental, emotional, and physical aptitudes based mostly on facial asymmetry alone.
It took a very long time to pin down exactly what was tickling the back of my head, but what has struck me most is what I've always thought of as the mirror-effect.
Everyone is used to their own image in a mirror.
This image is false. It is left-right inverted. We are drawn to those who look as we do, (pretty sure that's well documented by now), and yet...

       ...you've always been seeing the opposite facial asymmetry of your actual image in the mirror and are drawn to its opposite without realising exactly why.   

       There must have been sociological tests on this by now.
A simple dating site yeah-or-nay catalogued by facial opposite-ness... no?


       if I had just been consulted...   

       I suggest that physical form and behaviour would be a smaller facet of the attraction schema, biological chemistry would be the hidden weight. Haven't found true love so don't, ultimately know.
wjt, Oct 26 2017

       By chemistry, I assume you mean ethanol.
mylodon, Oct 26 2017

       Or perhaps rohypnol.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2017

       We tend to be drawn to those with the most symmetrical faces. There’s a reason Quasimodo was considered hideous.
RayfordSteele, Oct 26 2017

       Let me fix that for you ....   

       " We tend to be drawn with symmetrical faces "
normzone, Oct 26 2017

       Experience always depends on dosages.   

       I hope the fabric of the expansive wisdom, will corporeal a female for the second coming and, of course, the Piero da Vinci of the day will produce the finished duplex.
wjt, Oct 27 2017


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