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Nose Guttering

for when you have a streaming cold
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Nose Guttering is a short section of miniature guttering, that you attach underneath your nose by means of a set of padded clips. You wear it when you are beset with a constantly running cold.

The guttering slopes gently downwards at both sides like a moustache, the two ends terminating in down-spouting which conveys the unwanted mucous away and into a settling tank worn as a belt attachment.

xenzag, Feb 01 2007




       Not so sure that I'd want a tub of snot hanging on my belt...maybe for hospitals or other care facilities?   

       And, wouldn't the mucus get crusty and clog the piping? Like it does in your nose?
trimothien, Feb 01 2007

       .....streaming....... free flowing - use it stick loose tiles down around the fireplace when it starts to coagulate. Some of this stuff sets like evostick.
xenzag, Feb 01 2007

       Not your best, [x], but [+] for the image.
m_Al_com, Feb 03 2007

       I've often wanted something like this five days into a cold when my nose is peeling and too sore to blow again.
wagster, Feb 04 2007


       You could have gutter "heaters" that keep the flow going and prevent your feared clogging scenario.
proee, Feb 05 2007

       Beware the predilections of Nostril Damus.   

       For a moment I thought FarmerJohn was back...
DrCurry, Feb 05 2007

       I think this would be just as socially unacceptable as a drop of liquid hanging from your nose tip. [-] sorry, I usually love your ideas, but no.
phundug, Feb 05 2007

       You could have this as the internal plumbing behind a mask. Then you don't have to blow, and nobody else has to see.
lurch, Feb 05 2007

       A slippery slope, [lurch]. Before you know it you'll be building death stars and cutting off your son's hand.
wagster, Feb 05 2007

       In all seriousness, this would be great for people who work with hazardous chemicals during the allergy season. You have to wear gloves, and you can't touch anything, especially your face or a tissue (Kimwipe, in the current scenario) that's about to touch your face. But you still have all this snot. Bun.
sqykly, Feb 05 2007

       //this would be great for people who work with hazardous chemicals //

Too true. We all know how dangerous it can be working in the ol' factory.
DrBob, Feb 07 2007

       I suspect that a mild amount of negative pressure may need to be applied to maintain flow along the pipework, due to the viscosity. This shouldn't be too hard to arrange.
Loris, Feb 08 2007


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