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Not as close as they appear

I dont have as much space as i think i do... or do i
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Instead of, or aswell as side view mirrors that project objects that MAY BE CLOSER THEN THEY APPEAR i think there needs to be mirrors that project objects as FURTHER AWAY THEN THEY APPEAR. I feel it might be safe to have objects in the side view mirrors slightly furthur away so you are more prepared and cautious.

An example-

Conventional Side view mirrors, object(s) appears to be 5 feet away but is actually 3 feet away

My side view mirrors Object(s) appears to be 3 feet away but is actually 5 feet away

You can look out side windows if you need better and/or more measurements aswell. such as in the case of stall parking

i hope you guys understand what i mean

plaguedcookies, Dec 31 2005


       Warning etch on Mercedes S class door mirror, passenger's side: "Objects are further than they appear".   

       It's probably due to a regulation somewhere...
humanbean, Dec 31 2005

       It makes a lot of sense and would be safer. I always thought that "closer than they appear" was an unavoidable consequence of making the mirror slightly concave to give a wider view.
bungston, Dec 31 2005

       "Objects in mirror are more expensive than they appear"
lurch, Dec 31 2005


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