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Notebook 301Z

Stop wasting trees for el cheapo.
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Everyone has seemed to notice the fun of digitalizing ink and pen with the new Tablet PC's. But, one thing remains a pain in the arsch problem...who wants to pay $2,000 smackers if all they want is simple ink and pen?! The set would consist of a fully lit touch-sensitive 8.5x11 LCD screen and a digital wireless pen. This would/could be based on the Microsoft Word application where professional changes could be made without the help of a standard PC or laptop. Bluetooth and WiFi would enable notes to be transferred wirelessly and internet to be beamed at your pleasure at a Hot Spot. The default screen of the LCD would be a mock-notebook paper layout. Blue lines, margins, holes! even! With this program, you are able to change the color of the lines, perhaps to green. Maybe you don't want any lines, maybe you want a blank white void, maybe you don't want this void to be white...change it to purple. Three versions of this setup would be sold...one for plain writing and taking notes, one with Microsoft Word or a similar program, and one with all the wireless features and handwriting recognition if taking notes for businesses. The price for these three should not exceed $100, $200, and $300 respectively...now that's special.
Zaevodnik, Dec 15 2004


       so... can you explain how by limiting the software that they run, you can reduce the cost so significantly ? Have you used Microsoft OneNote?
neilp, Dec 15 2004

       Sorry. I can't really be any help.
reensure, Dec 15 2004

       het [Zaevodnik] try using breaks to space out your paragraphs < b r / >.
neilp, Dec 15 2004

       Oh, you mean an old Palm Pilot. Those can be found on eBay for even cheaper.
Acme, Dec 15 2004

       My Palm Zire (first edition, not Zire 21,31,71 or 72) died in one and a half years. The price was $100-$200. Base level. What you're proposing is a cheap generic tablet PC. I think it's going to be completely unreliable partly because tablet PCs are new technology and not too many companies are experts with them yet. Plus, the Zire 31 (in color, mine was black and white) could probably do what you're idea is expressing. (-)
croissantz, Dec 22 2004


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