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Masturbation Mouse

Keyboard/ Mouse on the penis for input control.
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Like the half keyboard -mouse but attaches to the penis with an adjustable ring to keep erect. The mouse uses a track-ball and the keyboard is ergonomically curved. The penis is inserted into a hollow with a ribbed condom insert for hygiene.
guncandy, Jan 03 2016


       <Insert joystick and spaceball joke here.>
RayfordSteele, Jan 03 2016

       O.k., then when watching porn your hands are free ... to do what?
Toto Anders, Jan 03 2016

       haha you have trouble thinking about this subject
guncandy, Jan 03 2016

       Marvellous invention, I'll take two please.
pocmloc, Jan 03 2016

       One more inflationary step towards sex with the computer.   

       Actually, not so much with as allowing the computer in between.
wjt, Jan 03 2016

       Thinking that size matters is a huge phallusy in the gaming industry.   

       Gameshow host intones:   

       "Well that should take care of the Gentlemen for a while."   

       "And now Phil, what do we have for the Ladies behind curtain number 2 ?"
popbottle, Jan 04 2016

       The ladies can have a mousturbation mast.
pocmloc, Jan 08 2016

       Isn't the spelling: moisturbation -? Ah well, maybe I should review my choice of recreational literature.
Toto Anders, Jan 08 2016


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