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Novel Dictionary

A dictionary becomes the outline for a very descriptive novel.
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"A, always used before a noun, such as the aardvark eating ants in Africa with long ears and a snout as he was taken aback by what he saw, startled and disconcerted. An abacus wih beads and a wire frame, used for doing calculations made of mother-of-pearl from the edible shellfish abalone, was abandoned in the desert, deserted and left with abandon, free of inhibition. Why abase oneself, degraded, and abashed with such embarassment and shame to leave such a thing. It could only abate, diminish in strength, as an abattoir, a slaughterhouse, that bleeds livestock from the throat. An abbess, the head nun, in fact, from the abbey has come looking for it. It was the abbot who left it, the former head, who abdicated, giving up his position. His abdomen, the part of his body containing the stomach and intestines was full of wine. He abducted it, carrying it off, on the back of an Aberdeen Angus, a breed of cattle originating in Scotland. This aberration, a mental lapse that caused him to deviate from what was normal. The cow that abetted, assisted him in his wrongdoing was previously in complete abeyance, not being in use having been put to pasture; they were both abhorred with great hate at the abbey. If only they did abide, staying at the abbey and following its rules, but he did not have the ability, the competence nor the power, to endure such abject, utterly miserable arrangements. That is why he did abjure his position, denying and renouncing on oath..."
rcarty, Feb 16 2013


       I actually wanted to keep going with this.
rcarty, Feb 17 2013

       [+] Mostly for MB's anno.
DIYMatt, Feb 17 2013


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