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Red Cross Trigger Book

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I have finally got around to reading The Catcher In The Rye, something I have been meaning to do for years. Part of the reason for this is because of it's reputation as the CIA 'Trigger Book', sending secretly brainwashed people off on killing rampages, as it were. Surely this...technology could be put to good use?

I propose the writing of a Red Cross (or similar aid organisation) Trigger Book and the secret brainwashing of hundreds, nay, thousands of individuals to perform beneficial charity work after reading this book.

harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004


       I love the smell of Social Engineering in the mornings! And I know you didn't leave out the more appropriate (for us HBers) Red Crescent version of those medical humanitarians on porpoise [htj].
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 08 2004

       Red Croissant?
oneoffdave, Oct 08 2004

       No, not on any sea mammal at all [Consul], just the product of my own foolishness I'm afraid.   

       Ah, so you're that psychosonambulist I saw on the news then, [Tabs]?
harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004

       Better run run run run run run run away.
harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004

       How hard is it to Brainwash People? Just curious.
swimr, Oct 08 2004

       //How hard is it to Brainwash People? Just curious.//
Make a REALLY GOOD website ... Worked on me...
Letsbuildafort, Oct 09 2004

I read somewhere that it only takes about three days of sleep depravation.

       It's the Red Scare all over again. Oh no! The government is jailing anyone suspected of being a paramedic!
DesertFox, Oct 09 2004


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