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Nu-Metal Barbershop Quartet

The last resort
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I think this has been begging to be done for a long time.

You have the 'vocalist' who does the rapping/shouting, and then the rhythm guitarist and bassist who just growl at various pitches. You should be able to find somebody who produces enough saliva to do drums too. Put them through enough electronic gubbins and nobody would know the difference.

Oh - and they have to be dressed in tux. And they need to be white and middle-class too. Clown masks optional.

Record companies could make a lot of money out of this.

Quin, Apr 15 2001


       I feel like I should be able to contribute more to this, but all I can think of is a reference to Metallica's S&M concert. People in tuxes standing next to people in leather. Pretty cool.
nick_n_uit, Apr 18 2001

       You could probably get Bobby McFerren to do this all by himself . . .
wasraw, Apr 19 2001

       Given the number of a cappella groups at New England schools, this has to be baked.
bookworm, Apr 19 2001

       I'd love to hear the Nu-metal version of the Simpsons "Baby On Board"
mcscotland, Apr 19 2001

       Other than the outfits, I think this has been fairly well baked by the Bobs, Rockapella, and the Fat Boys.
clynne, Apr 19 2001

       The House Jacks did a good job of this, also (or so I remember from listening to a housemate's cd collection).
wiml, Apr 19 2001

       A capella groups are doing pretty interesting things, I saw the Trenchcoats doing grunge, Nu-Metal isn't out of the question. I'm new here to this web site. A lot of interesting musical ideas. Does anybody want to actually DO them, not just talk about them? I'd be up for a collaboration...
Mattlove, Feb 01 2003

       Baked. A Capella bands. My school has like 10...and some are really good.
sninctown, Apr 14 2005


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