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Null phone

Loads of loud loud laffs!
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The null phone is a computer program that sends signals down a long phone line to take control of a person's phone for prank purposes. After hours, you substitute the normal phone plug for the one leading to your computer. This would not be too difficult in most offices, with long lines running under the floor.

Once revised this line could be used for any number of fun pranks. It could make the phone ring one long uninterrupted ring, or short tiny occasional rings. People dialing out would hear a normal ringing sound - then could optionally be connected to their own voice mail, hear annoying long automated messages about numbers not being in service or even be connected directly to the prankster, who would ad lib in a falsetto voice. Occasionally, the program might even allow a phone call to get through, maintaining the illusion.

bungston, Apr 15 2003


       I would love to have my sister fooled by this. I love phone pranks.
Pericles, Apr 15 2003

       If your coding is good, I'll take back my fishbone, but I suspect you don't know how to write programming that will make this stuff happen.
snarfyguy, Apr 15 2003

       This isn’t possible no matter how good the code. Using a Firebird connected to a Sonet Mux – sure.
Shz, Apr 15 2003

       Or a Camaro to a Saab Sonnet.
bristolz, Apr 15 2003

       <snarfyguy> so what? one of the things about this site is that other ppl can help you find ways to do things and make suggestions.
yay for this idea! i love it. is there a way to do it for cells as well?
igirl, Apr 15 2003

       Or a Trans-Am to a Shakespearean Sonnet.
Shz, Apr 15 2003

       Do inmates "have" phones in their cells?   

       Only five star cells.
FloridaManatee, Apr 16 2003

       Excuse me, but the telephone is a vital communications link for millions of people around the world, not a toy for you young hooligans to play with... um, you'll have to excuse me for a moment, my phone seems to be ringing in some kind of morse code. That's funny, this has never happened before. Why, now it's ringing in tempo with the love theme from Dr. Zhivago. How weird!   

       BTW, I have a phone call for Amanda Hugginkiss. I'm looking for Amanda Higginkiss!
Canuck, Apr 16 2003

       [Wraps Man-hooks around Canuck] Hey, getcher tongue outta my mouf, mofo!
thumbwax, Apr 16 2003


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