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Nylon covered styrofoam islands

Technology to enable oppressed people's refuge and political experiment area
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Built of nylon covered styrofoam, these islands have built in houses (rooms and walkways etc) as well as water pools. Water ways are used instead of roads.

Of course the source of the styrofoam and nylon is from all the oil, tar and nylon bags thrown out to the sea.

Would be used as new land for opressed people's refuge and political experiment area.

Could grow regular land plants, or seaweed.

And no need for graveyards...

pashute, Oct 21 2002

FilterX Island http://www.newlandp...age/page/363766.htm
[filterX] can buy himself a foam island for less than $100. [ConsultingDetective, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

The Crannog http://29.1911encyc...rg/C/CR/CRANNOG.htm
artificial islands [etherman, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Beware lollipop Viking raiders. http://news.bbc.co..../europe/4157182.stm
[coprocephalous, Aug 19 2005]

Richie Sowa's Spiral Island http://www.sambarcr...s/Spiral/spiral.htm
This is probably the storied island built from over 250,000 plastic bottles that [obesemind] describes. Page 3 of the photos shows the plastic net bags he uses to make flotation pillows of his bottles. [jurist, Aug 19 2005]

Garbageland Garbageland
kind of like this... [Voice, Apr 04 2008]


       Don't forget to anchor it or it'll just wash up on some sovereign territory...
snarfyguy, Oct 30 2002

       I don't mean to be negative, I realy don't, but is this floating shanty town actually suposed to stay in one piece on the ocean?   

       I can see it now. . .hoovervilles of the high seas. refugees singing shanties from their floating shantys.
notme, Nov 14 2002

       How much could I purchase said-island for? I want one.
filterX, Dec 10 2002

       If this were implimented, I could see entire communities devoting themselves to raiding other islands. "Pirate Islands" would utilize sails and/or engines to travel from place to place, snatching and grabbing booty from more peaceful, stationary islands. An entire culture of piracy could become prevalent, resulting in many a child's first word to be "Arr!".
By the way: how do you propose to keep the islands from capsizing?
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 10 2002

       So you have just invented... rafts? Creative.
herilane, Dec 10 2002

       Baked several thousand years ago. Iron age to be almost precise.
etherman, May 12 2004

       There is a story of some guy that built a whole island for himself with house, dirt, flora and fauna. He used empty plastic bottles attached to each other some how
obesemind, Aug 19 2005


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