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Seagoing Nomads on floating Islands

Clean up the ocean, develop more land, and solve overpulation... at the same time
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I cam up with this idea after reading about Anti-plastic Submarines and floating farms on here. After commenting on them, I thought: why not man them and live a nomadic lifestyle? Each colony would have a farm greenhouse on, and a means to gather plastic, as well as homes. In addition, it would contain in itself somewhere to construct other craft from the waster it collects.

I expect they would grow at an exponential rate, clearing up the ocean and providing a home to humanity at the same time. Given that the greenhouses are filled with air, they could potentially act as submarines if the need arises (e.g. a particularly bad storm.

The basic idea - living on the ocean - appears to be baked, and it's called Seasteading.

Selky, Aug 18 2009

Oceanic Agriculture Oceanic_20Agricultu...0Island_20States_5d
The Halfbakery idea for ocean agriculture. Sounds like it could work. [Selky, Aug 18 2009]

Anti-plastic submarines Anti-Plastic_20Submarine
The submarines I mentioned. A bit more far fetched, but man them and it will be okay. [Selky, Aug 18 2009]

Seasteading Institute http://seasteading.org/
These guys are trying to seasted, but they're going a different way about it. [Selky, Aug 18 2009]

Wikipedia article for Seasteading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seasteading
It should be obvious what this is. [Selky, Aug 18 2009]


       I imagine hurricanes would have a disastrous effect on these settlements.
DrWorm, Aug 18 2009

       They could always go underwater and wait for the Hurricane to pass...   

       They'll be some way around the problem, I bet.
Selky, Aug 18 2009


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