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OCD door locks

Door lock that shows a time when locked
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Those of you who don't think that OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) exists should probably just bone this now. Well, maybe just go read something else...
Those of you who have driven back home after being halfway to work because you think you left the front door open should read on!
This idea is comprised of a small battery operated LCD that has either a switch or reed sensor which is placed to detect the actuation of a door lock.
When it detects a lock scenario, it displays the current time and date for 5 or so seconds on a back-lit, IP-67 encased LCD. It also has some control output and input pins for use later.
This way, all you have to do is lock your door in the morning and when you're on the expressway on the way to work and you start wondering if you locked your door or not, you can simply check today's date and think back to the digits you saw this morning when you locked your door. They match? Great! no three-drive commute for you today!
Those previously mentioned output control pins can be used for anything you want, but in the extended package, they rig up to your X-10 (or similar-idea) outlets. When the door is locked, prearranged outlets are automatically cut off. These outlets correspond to the one you plug the iron into, the space heater, the electric blanket, basically, all the outlets that supply power to things that shouldn't be on when you aren't home. X-10 controlled lights are also turned off, except for the ones that you want on when you aren't home (driveway light if it is dark out..)
The super-deluxe version has input pins which are wired to the refrigerator light, tv, etc. It will display a warning if the 'fridge is ajar (right now i tape mine shut).
The ultra-deluxe model includes a keyfob for your keychain that receives a wireless signal every time the door is locked, and records that time. The ultra-rich OCD sufferer doesn't have to remember what s/he read this morning (and possibly have doubt), but simply look at the fob and verify the date read is today's and the time was this morning. It is also programmable to beep and buzz if it gets more than a house's distance away from the source without detecting a recent locking situation.
Can we have a category: Product:crazy?
ericscottf, Jan 25 2008

Darwin Appliances Darwin_20Appliances
This would fit well in thes product range. [8th of 7, Jan 25 2008]


       // when you're on the expressway on the way to work //   

       Bluetooth could be used to update your phone to say, "You last locked your front door at (time) on (date)".......... so all you have to do is obsessively check you phone display when driving at high speed in heavy traffic. {+} for Darwin Device.
8th of 7, Jan 25 2008

       For a time, I kept a notebook and wrote everything down...little self designed short hand made it easy. Did this, did that at such and such a time....I filled the pages..going through a pocket note book every two weeks. finally bought a pocket assistant...little electronic key pad, easy to use...automatically made a time notation for every entry...I loved it. Soon, though, it became a pain in the ass and I was becoming self conscious of how silly it all was....I tossed it and quit worrying about the trivialities of life...been happy ever since...time 14:28 1-25-08   

       Note to self - quite being so obsessive-complusive... time 14:29 1-25-08
Blisterbob, Jan 25 2008


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