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OCD status check for OCD sufferers

Reduce anxiety feedback as an adjuvent to conventional therapy.
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This idea is only a simple twist of numerous ideas that have been posted here for the relief of anxiety associated with certain nervous disorders. I propose a relatively expensive device that installs inside the main circuit breaker box with inductive loop leads that clip around the circuits normally associated with obsession and anxiety: hair curlers, stoves, etc. In addition to this the unit would have a few small wireless sensors for detecting the status of locks, or whatever else might need sensing. This data would be consolidated in the circuit breaker box and communicated to the internet using a LAN or WLAN connection, and posted to a secure server. This server is monitored by the end user's cell phone in the form of a very simple visual app. If any of the items left on (consuming a characteristic amount of current) or left on as sensed by the wireless triggers, the unit displays a small icon. This simple mechanism allows the person suffering from anxiety or obsession to bring immediate relief to the damaging sensation while the underlying condition is treated. The program can also be used to monitor progress in treatment (checks/hour). The initial cost may be high, but the unit can be moved from home to home. The maintenance cost and the size of the data packet should be kept to a minimum and the unit can be kept as a permanent antidote to feelings of localized anxiety.
WcW, Aug 05 2009

Complimentary_20Medicine [hippo, Aug 06 2009]


       We are not sure about this. We will keep checking back here regulalrly to see how the idea develops.
8th of 7, Aug 05 2009

       How would the sufferer be sure that there isn't a malfunction with this system when given the reassurance that nothing has been left on?
shudderprose, Aug 06 2009

       A second OCD status check system, applied to the first would seem to be the most effective solution to that issue.
calum, Aug 06 2009

       [shudder] - well, obviously, because the cell phone will have another app which monitors and shows the status of the first app.
(Damn - [calum] got there first)
hippo, Aug 06 2009

       ah, the old "anxiety will always find an unhealthy outlet". For cases where anxiety is that acute inpatient therapy may be needed. This will only work as a compliment to therapy and medication and may not initially be enough to relieve symptoms.
WcW, Aug 06 2009

       //a compliment to therapy and medication// - see link
hippo, Aug 06 2009

       What might be useful is a couple of those shoulder-mounted "personal black box" cameras that take one pic a second automatically. Link them to a portable display device, and if you think you forgot to lock the door, just reel back to that point in your life and double-check.   

       Obviously, you'll have to keep all the kit wrapped in tinfoil, to stop the CIA using their Secret Brain Ray to edit the images .....
8th of 7, Aug 06 2009

       [8th] you appear to have OCD and paranoid schizophrenia confused.While they may be co-morbid in some patients, they are not one and the same.   

       We humans enjoy a wide variety of malfunctions, and catalogue them much as you do sentient lifeforms.
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 22 2009


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