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OCR on the go

self learning OCR as you correct it and teach it
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So it learns how to correctly read Akkadian or Chinese or Hebrew and show it in a correct way. The first try comes out all wrong but then as you teach it a few sentences it starts understanding what it's supposed to read and gets better and better.

The OCR software asks you not only questions of lexical grammar but also "understanding" semantics, comprehension (like negation), and even pragmatics. (storing knowledge of language in different specialized fields).

You can choose where to start. See the Friedberg website Genizah (and Hachi Garsinan). You'll have to know Hebrew or Aramaic to realize what you are seeing, but I suppose there are other sites like it for manuscripts, showing the transliteration alongside the image and allowing you to edit while seeing where you are.

It also searches the web for similar texts, (and asks if these are actually useful and similar) or accepts texts like those from you, while learning, if its getting things wrongly.

I'm just mentioning this supposedly as a halfbaked idea. Actually, I'm in the process of doing this. Well, only at the very beginning. Anyone who wishes to join is welcome.

pashute, Mar 16 2022


       This really doesn't add anything to existing AI training techniques. WIBNI [-]
Voice, Mar 16 2022

       Just don't ask "the public" to help. Google Draw tried this (for image recognition), & it was a dismal failure.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 16 2022

       I keep thinking of OCD on the go.   

       Keep thinking of it.   

       Just thought about it again. Dammit.   

       Must dash.
pertinax, Mar 19 2022


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