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Phrase and culture context translation

Google Translate II
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Add a context tree on the side of translation.

Allow the user to choose the context / culture or phrase.

Show a "translated phrase thesaurus" - along with back translation and context for which it would be used.

An optional checkbox enables back translation, ALONG WITH REMARKS about the meaning of the translation, and lost or transposed language parts between languages.

So, for example one should be aware that there are languages where there is no gender in adjectives, while others have a different word for a feminine action or a male action (and sometimes objects are divided into "feminine and male objects"). When translating from Spanish to English there is an extra He or She that many times has to be removed, etc.

When there is a quote from someone, it should be checked if the quote exists in the translated culture, or if there are alternatives, what their source is.

A rest day in one culture can be the beginning of the work week in another All these should be given as extra information in choosing translations.

And finally: webpages should be marked for context and quality of language, in various languages. So when coming to translate something about fish ponds or brain research, a large volume of contextual phrases and words will be available, even if the pages are not a direct or even remote translation of each other.

pashute, Feb 15 2014

Culture clash http://www.youtube....watch?v=zFGpO5S0cSQ
[pashute, Feb 17 2014]

Newspeak http://orwell.ru/li...1984/english/en_app
Resistance is Futile... [8th of 7, Feb 17 2014]

What it really means to get lost in the translation http://opinionator....ue&_type=blogs&_r=0
[pashute, Feb 17 2014]


       That's the cat's pajamas.
popbottle, Feb 16 2014

       meta-data is badly needed in translation applications. Programmers need to stop trying to make the application into something it's not yet (human-par translation) and make it better as is. Even a human translator sometimes needs to ask questions to clarify the subsequent translation.
Voice, Feb 16 2014

       Why not simply unify and simplify all linguistics into a common form <link> ?
8th of 7, Feb 17 2014

       Thanks, I didn't remember that one, although I do remember having a bet in 1979 that there's no need to be afraid of 1984 (which incidentally coincided with the Hebrew year marked in letters as Tashmad, meaning "Will be destroyed"), and at the same time not to worry about our regents tests (to be taken three years later, in 1982) because the world would be destroyed at the end of 1981, when all planets align themselves in almost a perfect line on one side of earth.   

       A month after the actual event, some friends approached me after reading an article in a newspaper about it having actually occurred, but nothing out of the usual had happened that night. I was reminded of my bet, and had to pay it.   

       If only I could have learned from my friends, not to bet so quickly. In 1981, we had a movie at our dorms in Jslm. It was about a soldier from Vietnam who hijacks the president and almost starts a nuclear war. A big and tall guy, ruined the movie, when he said in his booming voice, as we entered the stairway: Guys! The president is shot at the end! When leaving the hall, we were ready to kill him. He was waiting outside and all excited. Guys! he said. They shot the president!   

       After a short shouting session, he was able to convey that he was talking about the real president, Ronald Reagan. You want to bet on it? Go take a look in the TV room.   

       My friends bet on a whole box of coca cola.
pashute, Feb 17 2014

       And I still could not find the movie. Its about a Vietnam vet who wants to tell the world about the truth of that war, and hijacks a nuclear submarine. While leaving for safety with the president of the US twirling around in circles, the sniper shoots both the president and the hijacker, while (if my memory serves me correctly) the "news broadcasts" were all fake.
pashute, Mar 23 2014


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