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Of glimpses

A multimedia story told in snapshots in various media
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The main reason a story like this can be, is that a common signature is attached to the music, sculpture, website, billboard, radio ad or any cultural media.

The more medias seen and recognized, enrich and expand on the story.The story therefore is not limited to one strength of a chosen media.

The story could one person's concept converted to obtain the best of each media's richness or an ongoing adaption, with people putting up their addition to the common work. The latter might have plot conflicts which might be solved with moderators.

Halfbakery could even have a signed story moment involving all the unwittingly locals.

wjt, Feb 26 2015


       I want to like it, and I think I sort of understand it, but I'm uncertain. Can you expound a little bit?
normzone, Feb 26 2015

       Interesting. Keeping the story flow in sync would be the major challenge. Otherwise people might just skip to the last Burma shave sign and then read the middle of the story in Twitter and the fake battery commercials.
RayfordSteele, Feb 26 2015

       This idea just involves expansion of multimedia to all possible art forms. The story, plot, scenario probably would not work very well with a climatic end. Though, if the end was confusing enough, people would want to search out more snippets of explanation.   

       I was thinking more of a story which had poignant moments and aspects, done with the most apt art form, that was detail of a larger collective scenario. The more pieces the more beautifully rich the whole is.
wjt, Feb 27 2015

       "Hey Rhoda," Tim said softly. "You still awake?"   

       "Mmmrrfff?" said Rhoda sleepily.   

       "I was just thinking - what if you had a shower where you could change the water temperature by the way you were singing?"   

       Rhoda turned to face him, flopping her head back on to the pillow. She felt amused and annoyed at the same time. He was so creative, so sweet - but he really didn't have a clue. "Tim - sweetheart - how about you put that up on Halfbakery in the morning, hon?"   

       "Oh. OK, dear, that's a good idea. I'm sorry - "   

       "No problem." She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Now try to go to sleep - we have a big day tomorrow."   

       Tim waited till her breathing had settled back into a quiet rhythm, then eased himself out of bed and made his way to the computer.   

       (to be continued in a newspaper advert near you.)
smendler, Mar 28 2016

       Rhoda took her smart tablet from underneath her pillow and got there before him!
po, Mar 28 2016

       Tim thought who the feck is this newbie, [sweetheart 5046]?
po, Mar 28 2016

       Interesting. It reminds me of an idea I've been meaning to post for months/years.   

       // the unwittingly locals //   

       Those who are unaware that they live here?
notexactly, Mar 30 2016


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