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Opposite/Shifted Singer Counterpart

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I noticed that there are many songs with pitch shifted version of real singers.

I say we should create a parallel mythology, of transdimentional clones of current singers . E.g. Opposite sex, or a same gender but deeper or lighter voice.

It is a wiki, that details the specific settings needed to reach a specific voice from an existing living individual.

It also has a photoshopped version of the individual to match what the reader would think the opposite gendered singer counterpart would look like.

mofosyne, Oct 14 2014

Example of a well made pitch shifted singer https://www.youtube...watch?v=SkCn-iWLiSE
Pharrell's voice was modified to sound more like Michael Jackson [mofosyne, Oct 14 2014]

Interesting choice of category, [mofosyne] http://en.wikipedia...wiki/General_Public
Just to transdimentional it... [normzone, Oct 14 2014]

Example of a well made pitch shift to opposite gender https://www.youtube...watch?v=MVfRkltgNto
Shower - Becky G - Male version [mofosyne, Oct 14 2014]


       About categories... Well, it is about public? Not sure where this exactly goes...
mofosyne, Oct 14 2014


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