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Official LOTR D.I.Y "One Ring"

Possible merchandising to follow the up-coming movies
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Kit would contain your own "Mount Doom" forge (anvil, coal etc), engraving kit & Ring.
Belly, Aug 08 2000

Official LOTR DIY "Races" http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/BioTolkien
Yessss... [centauri, Aug 08 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Graver image http://www.amazon.c...103-6752873-6640646
Old follow-through for Lord of the Rinds [reensure, Aug 08 2000]

BBC News Story - http://news.bbc.co....1705000/1705715.stm
Official LOTR merchandise announced [hippo, Dec 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       What's the use if it doesn't turn you into a slobbering creature of the dark? Or does it?
mcfrank, Aug 08 2000

       As far as I'm aware, most merchandising has no inherent "use", what-so-ever.   

       However, some one must've come up with these halfbaked gems that the punters seem eager to part their cash for..who wouldn't rush out and purchase the official LOTR Balrog BBQ set? (can't post this one as it's not one of mine, alas)   

       What better place for all those daft merchandising ideas than here! (Can we have a Merchandising section under products please?)   

       However, in answer to your question mcfrank, if you happened to be a Lord of Darkness, then perhaps it would.
Belly, Aug 09 2000

       The Dune movie Craft and Color book included a recipe for "no-bake spice cookies". (Peanut-butter and cinnamon, IIRC.)   

       Clearly, a One Ring set made of Fimo, or even Cheez Whiz, could be marketable.
hello_c, Sep 07 2000

       (Slighty off topic)..... There is a shop in Norwich, near the colmans mustard shop which has for as long as I can remember sold a sweet flakey wafer thingie, wrapped in vine leaves called "Lembas" ...........Should we tell Tolkien estates?
Haemavore, Sep 21 2000

       How about some kind of court injuction barring the release of the upcoming Lord of the Rings live action movie on the grounds that the hobbits are not played by dwarves/midgets/little people? This is a clear case of discrimination. It is a little person actor's right and destiny to play these parts. This is a sad time for little actors, as even George Lucas prefers computer generating small non human characters rather that putting a costume on a midget. Willow himself, the great Warwick Davis has been reduced to making endless Leprechan Sequels (see: Leprechan in the Hood: The Quickening). Won't someone think of the midgets?
yakub13, Nov 22 2000

       Gollum plush doll. Just a thought.
nick_n_uit, Dec 16 2000

       Actually, yakub, I believe hobbits are supposed to be shorter than dwarves by a foot. Still, I wonder whose playing Gimli. And there is nothing wrong with the Leprechaun sequels.
nick_n_uit, Mar 17 2001

       Speaking of midgets - I know one of them from the Time Bandits and he's not a midget anymore.
notripe, Dec 13 2001

       //Still, I wonder whose playing Gimli//   

       John Rhys Davies: was Professor in Sliders, Sola in Indiana Jones Series. Has been in much other stuff, but those are the two I remember most.
CrumbsDM, Oct 03 2002

       I just realized that John was the mentat in the Dune 2000 video game. I didn't put two and two together.
RayfordSteele, Oct 03 2002

       There's a catalog that sells historical and filmographical reproductions. The Ring is in there. Not DIY, but I wouldn't want to DIM.
Eugene, Sep 09 2003

       Viz magazine (not that I regularly buy Viz) just did something along these lines - "One Ring To Rule Them All, One Ring To Bind Them - Now it only takes one ring to own them all. Telephone Hotline Orders on 01 811 8055".
hippo, Feb 16 2004

       Now now [hippo]. You and I both know you've given the number for "Going Live" and not the Ring hotline.
hazel, Feb 17 2004

       Oops, what a giveaway!
DrBob, Feb 17 2004

       "Still, I wonder whose playing Gimli" --[Nick_n_uit]   

       That'd be John Rhys-Davies, who was actually the tallest actor in the whole film IIRC.
5th Earth, Aug 08 2004


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