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Offset betting shop

Always profit betting shop
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Run a betting shop which always offers odds slightly worse than some on-line bookie you find.

Whenever someone makes a bet -- offset the complete bet against the on-line bookie.

Therefore whether the bet comes in or not, you walk away with a profit. Ensure odds difference more than covers shop overheads -- job done!

britboy, Aug 16 2007


       This is what betting shops do, they will send runners to other shops to cover big bets.
miasere, Aug 16 2007

       They will certainly lay-off bets .. but this is traditionally at the same odds they took them on at, and is simply to dump risk.   

       As in someone bets £400 on horse 1, they bet £200 on horse 1 to offset some of their risk.   

       My idea is different -- is based on always offsetting the whole amount -- but at better odds.
britboy, Aug 16 2007

       you get a bun, too, cuz it's my birthday, although i think you've just reinvented betting in general. +
k_sra, Aug 16 2007

       All betting shops will want to do this. Therefore, all betting shops will offer worse-than-average odds, and they will implode.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 16 2007

       Anyone else think maybe [k_sra] is fishing for a happy birthday?   

       oh, all right then.   

       HAPPY BIRTHDAY, K_SRA !!   

       All the best. Hope you get/got nice presents, laid, or whatever it was you were after.
Custardguts, Aug 16 2007

       hday to you
hday to you
ay dear K_SRA
hday to you!
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 16 2007

       thanks, [CustardGuts], i *was* shamelessly fishing for wishes. how did you know? and yes, i got everything a girl could want for thirty and then some. (thanks, [Max].)
k_sra, Aug 17 2007


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