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Personal Shopper

A site like freelancer where people hire others to work out their purchases
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Essentially consumers would hire a contributor to recommend them purchases of products they are looking for. They are personal assistants for hire. They will have merits for their areas of expertise and will produce reports on the products people want, including ability to interview the consumer for example asking them about who its for and about that person or where the product is in use.

Old reports can be sold to other consumers at the consumers choice, the contributor gets a commission for that.

Corporations can have sponsered articles which will be free but must be done by a vetted contributor. And these articles will be clearly marked as sponsered content.

lostmind, Dec 27 2011


       Umm, isn't this [widely known to exist]?   

       sp. sponsored
csea, Dec 27 2011

       those review sites?   

       sort of yes but they're often out of date and you have to have an idea of what you're searching for. sure me and you can find all the info we want but average people aren't as bothered to research their purchases. this way you can pay someone to do current research
lostmind, Dec 27 2011

       Oh well, Happy New Year [csea]!
blissmiss, Dec 27 2011

       //you have to have an idea of what you're searching for//   

       Kind of like the HB.   

       Happy New Year to you, too, [blissmiss!]
csea, Dec 27 2011


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