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On-demand live streetview

Pay online, robot flies out, streaming streetview to you
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Google Streetview is not live. With this paid service, a robot with built- in camera flies from its base to the place you specify, streaming back video for you. When it gets there, it flies around in a pre-determined pattern. Pay a bit more and you can fly it.
doanviettrung, Jul 25 2011

TED: Augmented Reality Maps http://www.ted.com/.../blaise_aguera.html
Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos Bing Maps research [iaoth, Jul 25 2011]


       Lots of people with cellphone cameras with GPS, maybe a service that rings someone nearby and gives them some sort of credit for accepting the task.
rcarty, Jul 25 2011

       rcarty's idea is not far from being implemented already (see TED link).
iaoth, Jul 25 2011

       What would News of the World have done with a service like this?   

       I guess it would be stunningly expensive, not least to pay for the third party liability cover for flying UAV's in urban areas.
Twizz, Jul 25 2011


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