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Offshore municipal methane digester

Convert waste water into energy where people won’t complain about gas leaks.
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This is the third part to the Offshore municipal support structure I have been describing with the offshore compute node (see link below) and “Gulf stream to fresh water” (see link below) article.

The offshore compute node will produce a lot of waste heat that would be absorbed by water from the fresh water processing. This heat can be used to maintain a methane digester at thermopile optimum temperature. The methane that is generated can then be used to run backup generators or shipped to shore to power municipal busses. Carbon Dioxide generated by the digester and generators can be utilized in the pleasure greenhouse or as part of part four (not yet posted).

The carbon source for the digester is the municipalities’ waste water stream. After five days at thermopile temperatures, plant and animal pathogens are almost completely eliminated. The fluids from the digester can be released to the environment and the solids sold as a soil amendment. Or they can be used for better things. This turns a sink of a municipalities’ nutrients and chemicals into a production cycle.

cjacks, Oct 09 2006

Manure to fuel and fertilizer http://journeytofor...igesters/MDToC.html
Manure, human or otherwise, can be converted into fuel and fertilizer [cjacks, Oct 09 2006]

All that junk mail in the trash becomes fuel. http://www.bioreactor.org/
Another source of municipal waste becoming fuel for busses. [cjacks, Oct 09 2006]

Gulf stream to fresh water Gulf_20stream_20to_20fresh_20water
Use the gulf stream to make potable water [cjacks, Oct 09 2006]

Offshore compute node. Offshore_20compute_20node_2e
Cool giant computer nodes with the gulf stream heat sink. [cjacks, Oct 09 2006]




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