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Plane planting

Dropping plants from a plane
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Mass-planting by dropping from a plane, suitable plants frozen into dart-shapes so they spear into the ground.
rayfo, Jun 25 2001

Aerial seeding http://www.google.c...ch?q=aerial+seeding
[egnor, Jun 25 2001]

[Voice]'s 'seed bullet' seed_20bullet
Linked for relevance. [Alterother, Jun 04 2013]


       So when someone gets killed by one of these things they could be literally 'pushing up daisys'.   

       That's worth a frozen dart-shaped croissant.
phoenix, Jun 25 2001

       Yes aerial dropping of pelleted seed is old, and so is using dart-shped containers.   

       I had hoped the ice-dart might be new; it may still be.   

       However the danger to people and stock [Phoenix], is enough to knock the idea out too. Thanks.
rayfo, Jun 26 2001

       Ah, I missed the subtlety.
egnor, Jun 26 2001

       PeterSealy : Should be suitable for planting freesia bulbs at least.
rayfo, Jun 27 2001

       [PeterSealy] The seeds are suspended in a mixture of fertilizer and water the outer shell of which is frozen to allow the seed to penetrate the ground upon impact. Everybody knows that. M-O-O-N that spells plane planting.
phoenix, Jul 16 2001

       Sow a tree in motion.
ping, Mar 26 2004

       A machine gun variation of ice darts from the back of a truck, would at least avoid striking humans and animals except for the operators.
popbottle, Jun 04 2013

       We've already halfbaked a seed-planting machine gun. We halfbaked the hell outta that one. <linkbelt>
Alterother, Jun 04 2013


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