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Ogle Ass

Augmented personal realty. Go ogle away.
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As opposed to augmented reality glasses for sight, this invention is for hind sight. As social phenomenologists observe, these structures of subjective experience have become augmented and enhanced in recent times by technology, so it seams reasonable to continue this aesthetic development trend. Ogle Ass is best described as an oversized pair of spectacles that rest upon the buttocks and the thighs. Ironically, this device projects a display on the surface of the glass to surveil observers with video, inform of the time, weather, and also to playback recordings.
rcarty, Aug 18 2013

Aw, Conan did it but he didn't mention phenomenology. http://www.digitall...google-ass-is-here/
I thought he went to Harvard. [rcarty, Aug 18 2013]




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