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Bury the dead in the oceans to produce more natural oil
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As supplies of fossil fuels get lower and lower, we need to start to think of ways to produce more fuels. I htink we should bury our dead in the ocean, thereby solving the problem with lack of burial space and the lack of fuels in one action. Of course, people should still be buried with ceremony, I'm not proposing they are just thrown into the ocean, but it solves two quite pressing problems. The bodies would eventually create Oil, or possibly gas for fuel. An alternative, if people were afraid of disease would be for the same thing t o take place in controlled circumstances, if vats were made where the dead were taken, and put under pressure and heat which may also speed up the process. If one of these centres was created in every state (U.S) or region in the world, then the fuel problem could soon be almost sorted. However, it must be sorted soon, otherwise we would have a gap in between the time fuel runs out and the time more is produced. Personally I prefer re-usable power sources (solar power etc.) however, unless we find more efficient ways in which to collect this energy, drastic measures will have to be taken.
Rhinus, Apr 12 2001

Abiotic Petroleum theory http://en.wikipedia...ic_petroleum_origin
"..in need of some attention by an expert.." [ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 04 2006]

Maybe the answer lies in here. http://www.amazon.c...202-4942056-1408624
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 05 2006]


       Now, if you did a big enough hole...and fill it with enough bodies (mass grave), then cover it and wait a couple of hundred thousand (or million) years....you may be on to something. As for taking the dead to vats, heating them....etc. Hitler baked that by using the Jews as raw materials for asphalt roads. Come to think of it, he baked the mass grave idea too. Rhinus....how old are you and do you have any facial hair?
Susen, Apr 12 2001

       //Rhinus....how old are you and do you have any facial hair?//   

       Susen! Quit hitting on Rhinus! ;)
PotatoStew, Apr 12 2001

       Actually, I was thinking he was about old enough to have fought in WWI, started WWII, and may just have a small, gray, moustache under his nose..... wonder if he ever got kicked out of art school.....
Susen, Apr 12 2001

       eh? why people? dont you think enough animals die in the sea anyway? why isnt there allready loads more oil from them
panthaz paradise, Apr 14 2001

       better to make this an anno   

       take the same stuff use the diamond making machine and create pressure and heat the bodies would then turn to oil, cheap, corrupt, depressing oil.
toomer34, Feb 02 2006

       Interesting tidbit of info: A new theory is going around that oil is actually created by geoligical forces, because someone noticed the fact that there wouldn't have been enough biomass to make all of the oil and natural gases that there are.
DesertFox, Feb 02 2006

       A friend was in the habit of saying 'hard core!' as an interjection. I once mentioned the meaning 'hard core (n) Material such as broken bricks, stones etc. used to form a foundation for a road, paving, building etc.' (Collins English dictionary). Later we saw a reference to the use of the bones of forced-labour road workers as part of the base of the road. Without missing a beat, she said 'Hard core!' My, how we laughed.
spidermother, Feb 02 2006

       I could see "burying" people in the ocean to save land space, but I hardly understand how it helps produce oil. Then again, it comes with the knowledge that your loved ones will be chewed to bits by hungry sea critters. There's something about a body rotting away silently in the comfort and protection of its own private box that proves calming.   

       As for burning people to generate energy, the list of things just plain wrong with that is too long to numerate.
pigonthewing, Feb 02 2006

       so does the one for that anno!?!
toomer34, Feb 03 2006

       //A new theory is going around that oil // [df] That's not a new theory - it has been around since at least the 1980s. Some Swedish geologist proposed it, IIRC, and tried some very deep drilling to try to prove the theory. I don't remember hearing any more of him.
coprocephalous, Feb 03 2006

       [df], [cc] see link for some background.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 04 2006

       "Soilent Oil is people! Soilent Oil is people!"
notmarkflynn, Feb 05 2006

       I'm not an expert on oils, but the theory in the link doesn't look too likely.   

       Now, the issue with the idea of burying bodies at sea to create oil is two fold. Firstly, how to you stop the bodies becoming food for the fish? But the major problem is that to create oil, you need consistent temp/pressure conditions and a considerable amount of time.   

       In summary, even if it were possible to ensure that the bodies did not get eaten by sealife, it'll take too long for them to get converted into oil for it to solve the problem the author postulates.   

       [... and I dunno that even if given favourable time, temp and pressure, a body could possibly yield oil]
jonthegeologist, Feb 05 2006

       Listen to him. The man's a geologist.
notmarkflynn, Feb 06 2006

       Why not just use magic directly to power your SUVs?
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 06 2006

       I think that [oil] has already been discovered :)
DesertFox, Feb 06 2006


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