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oil drill bits that autosharpen

like depleted uranium, these microfractured drill bits autosharpen
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Some things, possibly obsidian, get sharper when they fracture, peraps narrowing from flaking.

I think it could be possible to electron beam, cold or microwave treat silicon nitride or artificial diamond drill bits (heads) to do the same thing with micro fracturing. That way at oil wells or other mineral applications the drill heads would actually get sharper, thus lasting longer.

beanangel, Jun 08 2018


       //...thus lasting longer// - or actually lasting shorter, as they're constantly fracturing
hippo, Jun 08 2018

       You need to gain a greater (i.e. non-zero) understanding of how DU kinetic penetrators act on their target.   

       [-] nonexistent comprehension of physics and physical chemistry.
8th of 7, Jun 08 2018

       [8th] I changed it a little, got rid of the depleted uranium metaphor.
beanangel, Jun 08 2018


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