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Oil-water reservoir

Stop the man made earthquakes in Oklahoma by sending the water to an artificial lake
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[edited] Send the water to a large reservoir in Nevada and turn the desert into a blooming garden of Eden.

Of course with a water treatment plant wherever there's enough accumulation of the contaminated water.

Please see link about man-made earthquakes from oil- digging operations.

also please See link about oil cleanup at water treatment plants.

See annotation about the latest edit

pashute, Apr 12 2015

Man made quakes http://www.stumbleu...weather-underground
[pashute, Apr 12 2015]

The result of a web search http://www.tripadvi...awnee_Oklahoma.html
[pashute, Apr 13 2015]

Scientific paper about water treatment for industrial oil-pumping waste water http://www.all-llc....ntOptionsReport.pdf
Quote: Treatment of produced water has been attempted and is proven to be an effective option for produced water handling [pashute, Apr 13 2015]

Example of the usual industrial solutions http://www.gwt.co.i...=1&TMID=327&FID=669
From an upgraded water treatment plant in Israel [pashute, Apr 13 2015]

Research: Constructed wetlands used for cleaning oil http://www.vetiver....cted%20wetlands.pdf
High efficiency in removing oil with constructed wetlands. Most of the cleanup is done by aerated bacteria, but vegetation definitely adds to the successful operation. One of the following links - about that. [pashute, Apr 13 2015]

Research: Constructed wetlands for treating brackish water from oil-pumping industry http://www.ncbi.nlm...gov/pubmed/12688706
Quote: Following treatment, the produced water was suitable for irrigation or discharge to surface waters. [pashute, Apr 13 2015]

Bauer wetlands treatment at the NIMR facility in Oman http://ipec.utulsa....Breuer_paper_92.pdf
PDF includes images and illustrations of this successful method and a description of the vegetation used [pashute, Apr 13 2015]

Vetiver does (not) clean oil http://ioscproceedi...358-2014-1-300185.1
The original Hebrew article about Dr. Nadav Dudai's "discovery" [pashute, Apr 13 2015]

Trees in Oklahoma that drink oil http://s2.hubimg.com/u/4171587_f260.jpg
[pashute, Apr 13 2015]


       // blooming garden of Eden. //   

       What, like it's full of talking snakes, and then the people get thrown out just when it's starting to get interesting ... ?
8th of 7, Apr 12 2015

       Any idea how "brackish" this water is? From reading the article, it sounds like the wells produce a nice mixture of oil and water. They collect most of the oil and dispose of the still-contaminated water in the disposal wells.
scad mientist, Apr 13 2015

       Either bad science or a rant. I'm not even surprised about the category. [-]
Voice, Apr 13 2015

       Besides, if you have to have earthquakes, Oklahoma is a pretty good place. There's nothing there worth a hot cuss.
8th of 7, Apr 13 2015

       Three things about the last edit:   

       1. The other category was a mistake I was unaware of.   

       2. According to a friend at the Sorek water treatment plant near Kibbutz Tzoraa, treating oil in contaminated sewage water is both easy and worth its while, if there is constantly a relatively high volume of oils in the water. I'll point to three technologies: Aerating the water, bio- treatment with plants, and bio-treatment with algae.   

       3. About Oklahoma vs. Nevada: I heard two jokes about the welcome signs there, one about each place. Myself, I was never in either. The first one is supposedly true: There's a sign on the far-side border of Nevada that reads "Welcome to Nevada. If you don't like it go to h***". The other one is about a guy from Oklahoma who's girlfriend's name is Wendy.
pashute, Apr 13 2015

       Not Dorothy, then? Well, you surely ain't in Kansas anymore ...
8th of 7, Apr 13 2015

       I say keep pumping the water into the Oklahoma bedrock. Yes, there may be a few minor tremors but eventually you'll have mountains.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2015

       Surprised after not finding anything in English about Nativ Dudai's discovery of a plant that drinks gasoline and can purify polluted areas, although since 2010 the Hebrew news was full of it,I finally read his original research paper (link, the article is in Hebrew) where it says: "Research on the use of Vetiver for the cleanup of an oil spill and ground contamination in Venezuela has been inconclusive[2], but the plant was shown to be extremely robust and can grow even in extreme conditions saturated with 50% oil in the water.   

       So much for headlines...
pashute, Apr 13 2015

       The discharged water from fracking contains proprietary chemicals (toxins) which are much harder to separate out than oil.   

       Moving water long distances can only feasibly be done if going downhill, or it'd take too much energy. Specifically, if you had enough energy to move water from Oklahoma to Nevada, you'd get much more water through ocean desalination.
sophocles, Apr 13 2015

       And, according to Google, the joke is about Jamaica, not Oklahoma. That's good, cause I wouldn't want to get in trouble with Chuck Norris.
pashute, Apr 13 2015

       Arizona then.
pashute, Apr 13 2015


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