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ocean turbine

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harness the power of the atlantic with turbine to provide elctricity
selena, Nov 28 2000

Ocean Energy http://www.energy.c...anenergy/index.html
I'm not sure whether it's tidal or wave energy that you're thinking of, but this is certainly being investigated. [jutta, Nov 28 2000]

(?) Wavegen http://www.wavegen.co.uk/limpet.htm
A company that has done just that. [nathandrea, Nov 28 2000]

(?) Wave Energy Systems http://acre.murdoch...iles/wave/text.html
Fixed and floating types. [reensure, Apr 12 2002]

Gyro-Gen http://www.latimes....&ctrack=1&cset=true
California high-school teen produces electricity from ocean waves using gyroscopes and wins Siemens-Westinghouse $100,000 science prize. Apparently, some four years after the above posting, independent judges have found this approach significantly singular, prize-worthy, and patentable. [jurist, Jan 08 2005]

Ocean parabola ocean_20parabola
More detailed discussion [robinism, Jan 08 2005]


       Baked. Maxim magazine, July 2001 issue, page 104. "Catching a Wave: Can we really solve the world's energy problems and screw the Iraquis, too? Keep talkin'." A Scottish company called Wavegen in Scotland has made the Land Installed Marine Powered Energy Transformer (LIMPET), a turbine generator that produces enough electricity to power 400 homes.
nathandrea, Jul 20 2001

       its not exactly a detailed description is it. do you mean using ocean currents? theres certainly a lot of energy in them
chud, Apr 12 2002


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