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Old Bond

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Reading the GrogCo z-axis wheelchair idea, it seemed ideal for the now elderly Bond.

I see him escaping from Blofeld's shark tank this way, aided by the fact that Blofeld's memory has been playing up of late and he hasn't fed the sharks since 2004.

Bond moves quickly (relatively speaking) after take a hit of oxygen, and using one of the devices cunningly concealed in his Zimmer frame by the grandson of Q, he destroys Blofeld's control panel to whatever is the device these days.

He makes his escape in the world's only bullet-proof rocket-firing mobility cart, conveniently parked in the disabled space near the front door of the lair...

Typical dialogue - Blofeld "Soon the whole world will know my name!" Elderly henchperson - "What?" Blofeld -"I said soon the whole world will know my name!" Elderly henchperson - "There's some in a tin on the mantel piece"

not_morrison_rm, May 29 2013


       As opposed to Gold Bond...
RayfordSteele, May 29 2013


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