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Mr. Natural's World: A 3D Trip

60's underground comics come to life - in 3D!
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Take the surreal, psychedelic style of the underground comics of the 1960's, like R. Crumb - add modern CGI and 3D techniques - and ZAP! Massively mindblowing movie hit. All the sex, all the drugs, all the rock'n'roll. Roger Rabbit, but with pot, patchouli, and lava lamps.

Plot? Who cares? Well, OK... what if this land of 60's toons is losing population? Everybody's getting old, and the spirit is waning. They need new blood, so the characters come out into the real world to recruit young people... that's one possibility... wait, let me fire this up, maybe I'll get a better idea...

smendler, Nov 15 2012

Fritz the Cat Trailer http://www.youtube....watch?v=zuTCN-o6o2A
[sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 15 2012]

If you do like Crumb's work, then American Splendor did a not bad job of capturing the flavor of that comic http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0305206/
Distinctly less psychedelic than Crumb's other work, though. [DrCurry, Nov 15 2012]


       Baked. It was done in Fritz the Cat. Didn't work. See Trailer. Warning: X-Rated content.
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 15 2012

       We all still have pot and lava lamps, but ditched the smelly patchouli way back! I'm in 3D...
xandram, Nov 15 2012

       Yeah, Fritz the Cat, but noting that Crumb repudiated the film, and it was only 3D if you were smoking something.
DrCurry, Nov 15 2012


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