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Old Pickup Paint Job

Hustle on down the road
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Minimum age of truck; 15 years, older is better. A nondescript shade of smoky blue with assorted cartoon caption balloons along the sides, over the hood, and across the tailgate that say things like "Come here often?", "Haven't I seen you someplace before?", "What's your sign?", and the classic "Bond. James Bond".

Bedliner optional, tiny disco ball hanging from the rear view mirror mandatory.

little dog laughed, Sep 24 2003


       Pickup artist, aye?
thumbwax, Sep 24 2003

       My firend just showed me his new truck that he just painted, so no
dickity, Sep 24 2003

       plus their are soo many trucks like thiswhere I live it's not even funny
dickity, Sep 24 2003

       //Pickup artist// That's it.   

       [dickity] do you mean there's alot of old trucks around, or do you live in an area thick with lounge lizards?
little dog laughed, Sep 24 2003


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