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Repo Decoy

Complete with fake matching license plate and VIN plates.
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A solid plaster replica of the repo man's target vehicle, with matching paint, heavily-tinted windows/windshield, wooden axles and rusty rims with bald tires from a salvage yard.

Let 'em have it.

21 Quest, Jan 29 2014


       Repo desperadoes can't afford this sort of shit. They're barely able to scrape together enough for a baggie of whatever drugs got them in trouble in the first place.

       Sorry, did repo work for nearly 4 years. The "clients" were always deadbeat, drug-fucked losers.
UnaBubba, Jan 29 2014

       A lot of 'em here are college grads living beyond their means because they expect to get a decent job in their field paying prevailing wages. Others are people who actually had a job, then got laid off and suddenly can't make the payments on the car they got under a 5-year lease.
21 Quest, Jan 29 2014

       Fair enough. We don't have those economic problems here, to any notable extent.
UnaBubba, Jan 29 2014

       I'm no drug fucked deadbeat loser but I am poor (for dutch standards). So I drive the cheapest car that I could find.

       If people get a loan for a car they cannot really afford they should not blame the repo guy when it goes south, but themselves.

       That being said, blackwater does not hire nice people, they hire dirty people for a dirty job. It's much the same with repo guys.
zeno, Jan 30 2014

       It doesn't have to be a dirty job. It's just a necessary job.
UnaBubba, Jan 30 2014

       Goshdarnit, how much do I have to insult you before you bite?
zeno, Jan 30 2014

       A necessary job? You mean it's a job someone's gotta do, as in "it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it" therefore it's a dirty job, and therfore dirty people do it therefore unabubba is a dirty person.
rcarty, Jan 30 2014

       You mean Roland. UB is the picture of sweetness and all things pleasant. His boy Roland, OTOH...
21 Quest, Jan 30 2014

       Roland is UB's alterego in "shitey character fiction" that used to appear here several account deletions ago. As an alterego of an alterego that is repeatedly selfdestructive Roland will likely not return notwithstanding spiteful reappearances resultant of this anno.
rcarty, Jan 30 2014

       I styled Roland upon you, [rcarty]. I didn't know you didn't know.
UnaBubba, Jan 30 2014

       Well I was just, er, talking about textual characters, not anybody in, er, particular, no reason for anyone to get offended. This is all merely a puppet show in letters, nobody's real hand needs to come to harm.
rcarty, Jan 30 2014

       Isn't it toecutting?
normzone, Jan 30 2014

       You'd probably just find it hitched to a repo truck made out cardboard boxes in the manner of WWII story of germans building an entire fake air base with planes, out of wood to decoy bombers and the RAF coming and dropping one bomb on it, made out of wood.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 30 2014


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