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Oldschool Screensavers

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A few days ago, I found a Youtube video featuring a recording of a really oldschool video game, Avoid the Noid! What a classic! I remember playing it when I was 6, but I haven't seen it since. And this video was a recording of the game being played out in its entirety, from start to finish. It was so nostalgic I almost cried...

I think there are a lot of games like that, which bring back a lot of childhood memories, and recordings of most of them can be found in the far reaches of cyberspace, if you know where to look. What I would like to see is a site devoted to doing nothing except finding and storing these recordings, so that internet-conected computer owners can download and use them as screensavers.

Imagine... the original Duke Nukem, Super Mario Bros, Dragon Warrior, Zelda's Quest, Final Fantasy, Wolfenstein 3D, Street Fighters, Guerilla War, and ThrottleCopter, playing forever in sequence....

21 Quest, Apr 17 2009

ThrottleCopter!!! Youtube video http://www.youtube....watch?v=pGq-YaDNGfQ
NOTE: Ignore the overlaid sound effects, the jackass who recorded this game had a very juvenile sense of humor. [21 Quest, Apr 18 2009]

http://mamedev.org/ You may want to turn the sound down. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 18 2009]


       god you make me feel old.
WcW, Apr 17 2009

       Me, too.
21 Quest, Apr 17 2009

       You want recordings of the games, but not the games themselves, is that correct?
tatterdemalion, Apr 18 2009

       Well of course I want the games themselves, too. But this idea is just for the recordings, so you can use them as screensavers. Of course, a potentially better solution would be to record your own games and use those as screensavers. But that's not as interesting on the ones you never made it all the way through. What really inspired this idea was a round of ThrottleCopter I was playing on my phone. As I was playing, it occurred to me that it would make a really cool screensaver, watching the Copter fly unerringly, unendingly on autopilot.
21 Quest, Apr 18 2009

       //a site devoted to doing nothing// tagline.
daseva, Apr 18 2009

       I think emulation is the way to go - MAME is the nicest example I've seen (link)
hippo, Apr 18 2009

       Damn - those are fairly recent games. What about 'Chuckie Egg' and 'Donkey Kong' on the BBC Micro?
gnomethang, Apr 18 2009

       Elite would make a great screensaver.
Jinbish, Apr 18 2009

       I don't remember Chuckie Egg, but Donkey Kong rocked! Remember Frogger? Or Space Invaders?
21 Quest, Apr 18 2009

       The *sound* of Space Invaders brings me tears of joy.
blissmiss, Apr 18 2009

       There are several BBC Micro emulators available, unfortunately Elite just isn't the same without proper analog joysticks...
hippo, Apr 18 2009

       jutta, it would indeed seem to be what I had in mind... except none of those actually work, at least not on my comouter. I tried running it, nothing happened. I tried saving it, again nothing. Weird...
21 Quest, Apr 18 2009

       They worked for me.
tatterdemalion, Apr 18 2009

       Well, I got it to come up on my screen, bu8t I don't see any way to set it as the default screensaver. I have to manually select it in my transfers menu.
21 Quest, Apr 18 2009

       Are you using Windows? If you dump the .scr files in the /system32 directory, they will be selectable through the normal Windows screen saver functionality.
tatterdemalion, Apr 18 2009

       Ok, I have NO idea how to do that.
21 Quest, Apr 18 2009


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