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Olympic Bird Baths

Miniature olympic pools for birds
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Olympic Bird Baths are replicas of their famous namesakes, only scaled down to the extent that they are suitable for garden installation.

The pool will have all the usual coloured tiles and bottom lane markers, but not the surface floats, which would entangle our feathered swimmers. They have a deep end, complete with three levels of diving boards, and a shallow end for drinking and lounging.

Naturally the pool will be gently heated in winter and cooled in the summer with the water constantly filtered to keep it clean.

Install it in a sheltered spot and enjoy the spectacle of the happy bathers splashing around, as their friends preen themselves whilst perched on the gala seats and diving boards.

xenzag, Jan 24 2007

Thomas Demand's Diving Pool http://admin.artnet...s/ntm5/ntm3-1-3.asp
This is my favourite artist's work, and it's the perfect image for the idea. Thank you Mr Demand for being such a great artist. [xenzag, Jan 24 2007, last modified Jan 25 2007]


       I've got a bath tub out back in the yard that does this, it's a bugger to clean.//preen// +
skinflaps, Jan 24 2007

       MIne has the pool filters built in !
xenzag, Jan 24 2007

       Damn! I had a dream I wrote this. It sure sounds like me, and it certainly would have been proudly displayed by me, but alas, twas not me. +
blissmiss, Jan 25 2007


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