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Magnetic nesting box

The old design sucks.
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I have a birdbox which attaches to my window with rubber suckers, so that I can watch any nesting activities in a big brother stylee.

Today, thanks to the harsh conditions often experienced during a British summer, the rubber proved to have perished and the box fell off it's perch. The box was empty when it fell, but I'll never be able to relax watching a young family inside my box, now that I know of its precarious nature.

My new improved birdbox would have a powerful magnet on either side wall, and I'd place two magnets on the other side of my window ensuring the box stays in place.

Fishrat, Oct 12 2004

who needs nesting boxes? http://www.insectim...017/snakecomp1.html
[po, Oct 12 2004]


       wow, and you could move it around too, like those magnetic window cleaners.
neilp, Oct 12 2004

       Off topic but relating to birds, windows and magnets:
I once bought for a friend a hummingbird ornament which was in two pieces with a magnet on each piece. One half was to be placed outside a window and the other half directly opposite the first, on the inside of the window. It looks like the humming bird is passing through the glass.
half, Oct 12 2004


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