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Olympic Skiing Safety Tarps

avoid crashes while rolling in dough
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This is actually a serious thought I had during the winter Olympics.

Put large tarps on each side of the downhill run to be skied. These tarps might be tethered to a pin in the ground. If the skier wipes out, they will slide onto the tarp where specially designed clothing will grip the surface. The tarp then begins sliding down the hill while the skier remains stationary on the tarp. The tarp is then brought to a swift but safe stop by its tethered bungee.

Rolling in dough? Yeah, the tarps double as an advertising medium that runs from the top of the hill to the bottom.

Skiers nearly die sliding off the side of the runs and the safety net cant help much, (and often appear to hurt)

Mildly re-inspired by Lawn stencils

Brian the Painter, Jan 13 2013

This Idea reminded me of my own Lawn_20stencils
Much better on snow though [Brian the Painter, Jan 13 2013]

Crashes resulting in death happen http://usatoday30.u...oss-race/53467154/1
[Brian the Painter, Jan 14 2013]


       About the best thing for absorbing energy is powder snow.   

       Tarps supporting deep banks of (if necessary, artificial) powder snow would be better than nets.   

       Alternatively, rather than special clothing, the tarp could be covered with a thick layer of sticky foam.
8th of 7, Jan 14 2013

       Olympic skiers don't ski on powder, though; the competition slopes are scraped 'hardpack', nearly as solid as ice, and usually banked with the same.
Alterother, Jan 15 2013

       exactly. Also the tarps would bunch up in front of the skier cushioning his final crash. I actually wonder why they don't use this. Tarps are used on our local hill when there isn't enough snow. We just ski on top of the hills version of astro turf. The hill's owner purchased enough for one run for around $100,000 CAD I think he bought three.
Brian the Painter, Jan 15 2013


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