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Ski Lift Ads

Put big ol' ads on the back of all ski lift chairs
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What better place to advertise than the back of ski lift chairs? Not only do you have a captive audience in the lift users, but these flying billboards would also likely capture the attention of everybody at the bottom of the hill
JT, Jul 06 2000


       great idea - you could put on the number of the air ambulance so that unfortunate skiers could call it direct with a mobile
rikbie, Jul 07 2000

       Wouldn't they also capture the attention of, say (to choose an example completely at random), any low-flying fighter pilots in the vicinity?
DrBob, Jul 07 2000

       Sorry to say - but this idea already exists. i work for a company that sells this exact ad space.
dmh00, Jul 07 2000

       dmhoo, i have some clients that might be interested in that, what is the name of your company?
thomas2, Jan 22 2001

       Thomas2 - I would be happy to send you a media kit with more information. Just send me an email with your contact information. When I get your email I will direct you to our website...I would post it here, but I am not sure about what is permisable in regards to advertising on this site. email: trgetmed@localnet.com   

       Hope to hear from you soon.
dmh00, Jan 22 2001

       [Admin: Commercial links are fine if they're on-topic. If you're affiliated, say so. (Besides, I'm kind of curious myself, having tried and failed to come up with a link for this one - all I found was SkiView, and they advertise on ski lift towers, not backs...)]
jutta, Jan 22 2001

       Ads on the back of all ski lift chairs is as old as.... we have been having these since as long as I can remember here in Sweden.   

       Fully baked!
rlresult, Aug 25 2003

       Heehee, baked Alaska....sorry
TheCoat, Mar 08 2004

       What about the same idea but do it on Trains. Talk about a captive audience! A 10 minute freight train would make a hell of a commercial!   

       You could do moving pictures, comics etc, or just a message.
nustar1, Mar 08 2004


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