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It's a spectacle.
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Being a proud member of the four eyed community it has begun to creep into my thoughts that I too may some day need to wear bifocals or, even trifocals in order to see clearly at different focal points.
It seems an awful shame to me to have a large portion of the vision I now enjoy blocked out by the portions of my glasses needed to see either close or far away, so why not make adjustable lenses that are round and slightly flexible.
By alternately tightening or loosening the diameter of the frame the lens will protrude more or less and give the wearer an unlimited range of prescriptions to pick for a given task.
I know that it is not good for your eyes to wear a prescription other than your own for any length of time, so the turn screw on the side of your glasses which changes the focal point should have a tactile feel for where the proper prescription of each lens is located; set by the optometrist by pushing inwards on the turn screws. Future settings for close reading or far viewing could be set by the wearer as long as the original prescription can be found easily by feel.
By having control of two lenses per side, I think that a form of weak binoculars could be created from your glasses, allowing you to see farther than with unaided twenty twenty vision.

(?) Buddy Holly wannabe's rejoice. http://www.kennelson.com/newblog/?p=2881
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 26 2009]

Ted sees, er talks. http://www.ted.com/...led_eyeglasses.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 21 2009]

Now for the masses. https://fb.watch/nf0SgWycsh/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 23 2023]


       too many people would end up with tiny screwdrivers in their eyes.   

       What if the lenses were liquid- filled flexible planes that were computer controlled and could hit pre-set shapes?   

       They'd be controlled by squinting.   

changokun, Feb 14 2004

       I should have been more specific. The set screws would be turned with your thumb and finger, not a screw driver.   

       You many not need the thumbscrews.   

       Some modern eyetests have an interactive, automative element to them, I believe, based on an observation of the eye. So you could possibly do the same by mounting small cameras to look at your eyes and automate the focusing part, possibly by using a PDA, or pocket computer, to do the number crunching.
Aristotle, Feb 15 2004

Looky linky

       Dame Edna Everage glasses comes to mind. Very spangly focal change levers. Or, the other way, very advanced stem cell injections.
wjt, Jul 15 2017


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