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On-The-Way Map Search

Combine your errands!
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A tool to add to Google Maps. Currently, you can search for a type of business near a fixed address. What if you want to stop at a type of business between visiting two other places, but don't care if it's "near" either endpoint? For example, you're going out to a play tonight and want to grab dinner first. You don't have a restaurant in mind, and want to minimize your driving. Is there a restaurant you can stop at between your house and the theatre?

This function would search for stuff "near" the line that Google Maps has determined is your best route, then calculate the 'nearest' based on which three-point route with the added point in the middle is shortest. The idea is to find places you can stop off at without going out of your way.

gisho, Mar 26 2009


       I always wondered if a mashuo was a good thing or not. My heart says that it is in this instance. You would need to define the 'definites' in your itinerary (probably as stated the start or stop venues) but I like the idea.
Problem is, the iPhone app 'Urbanspoon" keeps trying to direct me to Croydon for a curry even though I am in either Medway or Bognor Regis.
gnomethang, Mar 26 2009


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