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Highways and Byways

Website with a page for each interstate and state highway listing/describing each exit with appropriate diagrams
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There are fractured personal websites devoted to this already, but nothing objectively comprehensive.
AH, May 30 2006

Wikipedia: List of Interstate Highways http://en.wikipedia...Interstate_Highways
Lists major intersections for each, but not with diagrams. [jutta, Sep 21 2006]

Tony's Exit List Collection http://www.geocitie...interstatetour.html
Yet another Internet subculture that I was so far blissfully unaware of. [jutta, Sep 21 2006]


       Don't know about the US, but here in the UK you can find diagrams of all junctions/exits in the road atlas.
kinemojo, May 30 2006

       I would like the home page to have a simple search box where I type in i35E or i35w or MN 77 for example and then roll to the page that is devoted to that one highway from sea to shining sea, so to speak.
AH, May 30 2006

       Man - I HATE the I35E/W Split around Dallas. I'm sure this would be put to better use in an Atlas.
Letsbuildafort, May 30 2006

       When searching for i35E, the sub-results page would offer up each locality where i35E occurs, and you select one before rolling to the page devoted to your choice. Similar to when you search for an airport and are given choices of which city you meant on the reservations sites-like Hannover/Hanover etc.
AH, May 30 2006

       p.s. since the U.K. is the size of just one of our states, your atlas does probably do this. I shopped for a map this weekend at the bookstore and first I looked at publish dates-some were 8yrs old. I would want my website to be interactive/updated regularly.
AH, May 30 2006

       What does this do for you that the commercial online trip planners (e.g. google maps, yahoo maps, mapquest) don't?
jutta, Sep 21 2006


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