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Everyone is your friend....at first.
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Social media that assumes everyone who has signed up is your friend at first, but asks you to permanently shut out groups of people based on things they confidentially "like". Do you Like the Dallas Cowboys?, boom I no longer am receiving updates from you. How about those stupid people who like antarctic penguins? Gone.

All exclusion is permanent and irrevocable so whittle down the chafe until you see whose left. Just dont change your mind or kickout some thing you yourself has "liked", cause then its time for a new profile.

leinypoo13, Dec 24 2013


       So you would get posts from everyone until you booted them?   

       "I don't like people who post."   

popbottle, Dec 24 2013

       I actually kind of like the concept, it would essentially allow you to filter the membership for common interest. Odds are you'd end up excluding most of your current friends, however.   

       I also think that to do it practically, you would have to be able to clear criteria.
MechE, Dec 24 2013

       // Theres your problem.   

       True, social media is where bad decisions last forever. Its like a more permanent and instant tattoo. This idea is sort of in jest of that by speeding up the process of having your beliefs box you in with people you dont like, even though they all agree with you.
leinypoo13, Dec 25 2013

       My concern, and simultaneously why I like the idea, is that once my list becomes properly pared down I'll end up 'friends' with a handful of truly annoying people. Finding other people who express the exact same interests and peeves would be the harshest measure of my own personality.
Alterother, Dec 25 2013


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