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Screenless phone

As stupid as this may sound
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This would be the most basic phone ever...thus the cheapest. You would buy one as a backup or emergency phone to keep in the glove compartment/first aid kit/camping bag etc. just about everywhere. They could even be sold in multipacks.
shinobi, Jan 22 2006

No screen here http://www.sparkfun...p?shop=1&itemid=416
Yes, it is a cell phone. [half, Jan 22 2006]


       I like the idea but it's rather hampered by the fact that no one writes down phone numbers any more. I suspect there is a market amongst technophobes who keep numbers in their filofax.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       $400 [half]?!? I'm buying a Pokia.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       Solve that problem by dialing your old number and downloading the address book (in advance of dropping the old one in the sea etc.)
Ling, Jan 23 2006

       ahh, but in case of energency theres always a few numbers you remember
shinobi, Jan 23 2006


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