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One way screen for window

A screen for the window that lets bugs out, not in.
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I have a screen on my window but flies/mosquitoes get in from the front door. So I propose a one way screen that has mini fillaments that let bugs out when they hit it, but keeps ones already outside out.
Koshka, Jun 13 2005


       I thought this was going to be a screen that lets you see through one direction, but not the other. That would be terribly useful, too.
omegatron, Jun 14 2005

       [omegatron] they used to do that by painting one side black and the other side white. I assume they used a flat foam brush of some sort. Don't know how well it worked.   

       I like the filament screen, kinda like little fish traps. Very good idea.
baconbrain, Jun 14 2005

       Could you explain a little more about how the filaments work?
Ling, Jun 14 2005

       Good idea. They can do this with artifical membranes, why not with flyscreens eh?
kuupuuluu, Jun 14 2005


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